Subject to the terms and conditions contained herein and the Terms of Use, the Tenant may apply for refund within the timeline stipulated in this Policy.


  1. The Tenant may apply for refund only for the conditions stated below:-
    1. Extra payment made due to the system error;
  2. The conditions stated below is excluded for refund:-
    1. Termination or expiration of the tenancy;
    2. Refund of deposits upon termination or expiration of the tenancy;
    3. Handover or delivery of the vacant possession of the Demised Premises is not completed; and/or
    4. There is outstanding sum owed to AEON.
    For the avoidance of doubt any refund on the deposits will be dealt separately upon verification by AEON.
  3. Any request for refund which do not meet any of the above conditions will be duly declined.


  1. The Tenant shall initiate the Request by communicating with AEON via the AEON careline 1300-80-2366 OR submitted the Tenant’s feedback via E-Tenant Portal within three (3) calendar days from the date of acknowledgment occurrence of such incident or error.
  2. Tenant’s Request will only be processed after AEON has received the followings: - a) The duly filled up Online Refund Form or the physical copy Refund Form from the Tenant; b) Tenant’s bank account information; and c) Copy of the E-Tenant Portal Payment Confirmation email & Slip.
  3. AEON will review each Tenant’s Request on a case to case basis and, it is subject to AEON sole discretion to determine and verify whether such Request is applicable or successful. Any Request which do not meet the terms and conditions contained herein will be duly declined.


  1. For payment made using Credit Card/Debit Card, the refund will be made to the same Credit Card/Debit Card that the Tenant made such payment. The number of days for the refund process vary according to the respective bank processing time. The Tenant may contact the relevant bank for more information.
  2. All expenses incurred in relation to the refund process shall be borne by the Tenant.


  1. This refund policy may be varied by us from time to time without assigning any reason and notice. The revised policy will be effective immediately upon updated on the E-Tenant Portal.