Promosi Makan Malam

Upload : 12 March 2024

1 month ago, 202 Hours

Spread the joy of Ramadan with your family and friends! Our Promosi Makan Malam is commencing on the 12th of March in all outlets and is extended to East Malaysia, with alternating sets every night for 2 and 4 Pax. Don't forget to end your meal with sweet ice cream for RM2 with the choice of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours. Our Reservation Policy is as follows: (1) Walk into your desired outlet, (2) Request for a reservation (please include your name, date, and time of your desired reservation), (3) Place your order, (4) Pay a deposit of RM50 to secure your reservation with us. The deposit is to ensure customers commit to their reservations with us. As of now we only accept bookings directly in the outlet. Selamat berbuka puasa and have a joyous dinner! #AEONAlphaAngle #communitymall #ramadan